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Leishrisk, Bridging Research and Leishmanianis Control

Leishrisk, Bridging Research and Leishmanianis Control

LeishRisk workshop - Participants

The workshop is open to invitees only.  Following criteria were used to select the participants:

  • One invitation per institution active in a EU-funded consortium relating to leishmaniasis under FP5 and FP6;
  • 5 extra invitees were selected by the steering committee of the Leishmed consortium;
  • Additional invitations were sent taking a number factors into account, such as:
    • Area of expertise. In order to promote multidisciplinarity and to incorporate a diverse pallet of subjects and viewpoints;
    • Region. The workshop should present a global view on the current state of leishmaniasis worldwide;
    • Activity. Inviting people who are close to the field, as well as more research oriented scientists, should stimulate a lively debate.

 Click here for a list of participants.



LeishRisk supports the initiative to develop a VL Diagnostics Quality Assurance Network.  

Download a report of the first consultation meeting <here>